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Controlled quality

Maximum indulgence, a positive image and brand recog-

nition cannot be separated from quality + advertising


When selecting sweet promotional goods, it is also

essential that the quality is controlled and thereby ensured. The

food trade leads the way and the promotional goods trade

must measure up.

High food safety

The IFS-Food Standard audits

food manufacturers with re-

gard to food safety and the quality of processes and products;

it has been developed in close collaboration with certification

authorities, trade, the food industry and catering trade.

Own IFS-certified production

Your competitive advantage

The advantages

of having common and tested standards with

a standardised assessment system, in order to ensure compara-

bility and transparency within the whole supply chain, guaran-

tee quality, food safety and customer satisfaction.

Humans and Environment

Human health and protection of our environment


be at the heart of every advertising company’s interests. This is

why it is essential to define the market through IFS-certified,

energy-efficient production (ECOfit, DIN ISO 50001 energy

management) and environmentally conscious products (e.g.

organic quality or packed in compostable foil).