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123 Data information Please consider the following points: Template: We will initially supply you with a data information sheet and a template (eps- or pdf-file) of the requested item. We ask you to prepare your motif according to this file. Mandatory text: Manufacturer/distributor, best before date and ingredients are mandatory texts, which are shown as a blue frame on the template.If you want to print this area as well, please make sure that this information still needs to be leg- ible. Manufacturer/distributor and ingredients are printed in a logo or motif color.The list of ingredients according to the content is added by us to your motif with our font. For tins: The list of ingredients is indicated on the bottom of the tin. The best before date and the batch no. is generally printed on the back of the bag during production. The best before date, batch no. and manufacturer/distributor are generally printed on the side of the tin during production.We reserve the rights for product-specific adaptations. Images: Please send your images (color and grayscale) as original files with minimum 300 dpi (in CMYK). Bitmaps in 1200 dpi – a vectorised file is highly recom- mended for this. Embedded images can’t be edited by us, so please send us the original file as well. The alteration of data, which does not correspond to the points mentioned above, causes additional costs. Font: The smallest yet legible font size for a positive print is 6 pt. and for a negative print 8 pt. All fonts must be converted to paths (vectorised). If this is not possible we will need your original fonts. Positioning: Please keep in mind, that you should not position relevant parts of your motif too close to the format edge. Otherwise we cannot guarantee an ideal positioning of your advertising. Control mark: The control mark is mandatory if it is shown on the template. It can be visible on the backside of the product. Embossment: Lines must be at least 0.55 mm thick. The distance between two lines must be at least 0.55 mm. The motif cannot contain small or fine fonts/text. The mini- mum line thickness is also valid for fonts/text. The motif cannot have a raster. Customised chocolate bars:The motif should not have small, fine fonts or filigree graphic elements and it should not be with a raster.The proportion between height and distance of the elevated area is 1:0,7.(Example: The distance between two elevated areas is 1,4 mm, then the height of the elevated areas is 2 mm) Digital print files: Please send us your digital data with color specifications according to Pantone or HKS, or for prints according Euroscala (CMYK) with a binding print/proof. We will check and prepare your data for the suitable print procedure. Printing: bags, blister pack, foil: Flexo printing or digital printing tins: Pad printing or digital printing outer package: Offset printing Program-versions: Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Photoshop CC Data delivery by: E-Mail: directly to your personal advisor Data medium: DVD, CD