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Details of product labelling: Minimum quantity 2,000 pieces *Send us your print data 1:1 according to our data sheet plus your print- and order confirmation till 12:00 noon (CET) so the production time will be till 12:00 noon (CET) of the following working day from Monday till Friday. Overnight Fruit Gum Premium-Bears in a variety of colours and flavours. Packed in a shiny or matt coated white bag with 4-colours print. Article No. 110101099 best before approx. 12 months approx. 85 x 60 mm, approx. 10 g 500 pieces/carton, 4 cartons/ delivery package 24 hours* 1 after artwork approval When things have to go fast! 24 hours production time express* Orange, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, raspberry & pineapple flavour 26