KSW Catalogue with prices

6 SWEET SMARTER DE-ÖKO-007 MADE IN GERMA NY – your competitive advantage Our claim to produce sweet promotional products in the course of a sustainable production, with controlled quality and the highest food safety standards is your advantage. Benefit from our many years of experience. Own certified production When it says ORGANIC – It is really ORGANIC inside! Organic promotional products are booming and with the Eco seal they stand for quality and transparency – from production, over to processing, to sales. For many industries a decisive argument! Please note our numerous organic certified products in the main catalog and here on page 42. High food safety The IFS-Food Standard is used for the auditing of food producers concerning food safety, quality of processes as well as quality of products and has been dev eloped in close cooperation with certification bodies, the trade, food and system catering industries. IFS certified: Certificate of International featured standards for moulding fruit gum and chocolate, as well as the packing of sweets and sugar confectionery.