KSW Catalogue with prices

37 uy vU wV Details of printing and product labelling: www.ksw24.eu x €/piece Quantity 48 Prices (4 c) u 3.37 v 4.29 w 3.77 x 4.50 y 6.30 U 4.50 V 4.17 Printing costs 129.00 € lump sum Author’s corrections 49.00 € lump sum for each further corrections Set-up costs 95.00 € lump sum for unchanged follow-up orders The chocolate box as a Christmas present Octagon Gift Box filled with 1 of 5 different filling options, with standard motif and printing area on the top of the box. While supplies last. For content v please take note of Ferrero’s annual summer break. Article u No. 110107963 , 5 pcs y No. 110107975 , 5 pcs v No. 110107964 , 5 pcs U No. 110107977 , 5 pcs w No. 110107966 , 5 pcs V No. 110107968 , 25 pcs x No. 110107969 , 6 pcs see filling options approx. 95 x 32 x 95 mm, 5–25 pieces 24 pieces/carton approx. 15 working days 1 1 after artwork approval Filling options V Kinnerton Milk Chocolate Balls gold or silver, randomly mixed or single variety, best before approx. 6 months w Celebrations ® 8 flavours randomly mixed, best before approx. 2 months u Raffaello from Ferrero best before approx. 3 months v Ferrero Rocher best before approx. 3 months Sales Tip – a sweet Christmas present: Branded products score high with their name recognition, guaranteed quality and good taste, thus creating the perfect basis for your promotion. Take advantage of it and trust the brand when it comes to your best customers. Black Gift Box on request! y Lindt Lindor Truffles milk chocolate, best before approx. 6 months x Baileys ® Truffles best before approx. 6 months U Milka Chocolate Balls Alpine Milk Chocolate, best before approx. 6 months