KSW Catalogue with prices

18 Express u Details of product labelling: www.ksw24.eu €/100 pieces Quantity 3,500 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 Prices (1–5 c) u 23.70 22.45 20.05 18.35 17.10 v 25.20 23.95 21.55 19.85 18.60 + 260.00 € lump sum for differing colours or flavours of the fruit gum, minimum quantity: 15,000 bags + 250.00 € lump sum for different formats Printing costs 80.00 € per colour Author’s corrections 49.00 € lump sum for each further correction Set-up costs 95.00 € lump sum for unchanged follow-up orders Fruit Gum Standard Shapes, 20g see pages 20 + 21, in a variety of colours and flavours. Packed in a transparent or white bag. Article u No. 110101002 standard foils and colours v No. 110101312 compostable foils and colours best before u approx. 12 months v approx. 6 months approx. 100 x 75 mm, approx. 20 g 200 pieces/carton approx. 15 working days 1 v Say it green : with compostable foils & biodegradable colours! “ is a registered trademark of European Bioplastics e.V. in the EU.” The fruit gum top-seller … 1 after artwork approval Did you know? With compostable packaging, out of renewable raw materials you can take the first step for environmental protection. Packaging material which features the protected compostable “seed” symbol is tested and certified in accordance. with the European standard EN 13432. The requirements given by this standard are proven by accredited laboratories and confirm the compostability of the packaging including the print colours under ideal compost conditions. With the use of compostable foils we can guarantee a minimum shelf life of 6 months, with proper storage. Help us to protect the environment! “ is a registered trademark of European Bioplastics e.V. in the EU.”