KSW Catalogue with prices

37 u B A C D Important notes on printing and order processing starting on page 110 €/100 pieces Quantity 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 Prices (1–5 c) u 29.65 27.25 25.55 24.30 v 31.15 28.75 27.05 25.80 Printing costs 80.00 € per colour Author’s corrections 49.00 € lump sum for each further correction Set-up costs 95.00 € lump sum for unchanged follow-up orders Hot drink & sweet delight Refreshingly minty, deliciously sweet! Peppermint Fruity sweetness with a mild cinnamon note! Cinnamon/Orange Tea-Bears ® in a Bag Fruit gum with tea extract and sugar, to prepare a hot drink. Packed in a transparent or white bag. Article u No. 110101072 standard foils and colours v No. 110101073 compostable foils and colours best before u approx. 9 months v approx. 6 months approx. 100 x 75 mm, approx. 20 g 200 pieces/carton approx. 20 working days 1 1 after artwork approval v Say it green: with compstable foils & biodegradable colours! “ is a registered trademark of European Bioplastics e.V. in the EU.” Filling options Did you know? Our Tea-Bears ® are the world first fruit gum with special characteristics to dissolve in hot water. After casting the Tea-Bears ® in a cup of hot water, they dissolve in just a few seconds and a sweet and aromatic hot drink results. Originality, taste and your advertising message was underlined by this awesome and qualitative novelty. single variety Berry sweet with a fine vanilla note! Raspberry/Vanilla Aromatic fresh with ginger flavour! Ginger/Lemon