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78 Express Details of printing and product labelling: www.ksw24.eu Dextrose, for your brain & your muscles The brain needs more than half of the dextrose present in the body. In stressful situations, when brain activity ramps up, the brain can comman- deer even more of the available glucose, up to 90 percent. But the brain itself cannot store even the smallest reserves of glucose. The only source from which it can draw glucose is the blood and the reserves stored by the liver. The muscles are the brain’s biggest competitors among the body’s other glucose users. During physical exertion, their glucose needs also rise sharply. Unlike the brain, they can store some glucose in a special form, but only for their own use. Of all the foods we typically eat when we face peak energy needs, dextrose is among the fastest-acting sources of energy. So DEXTRO ENERGY is the perfect power snack during sports, study or job activities. €/100 pieces Quantity 5,000 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 Prices (1–5 c) 10.45 8.40 7.50 7.35 7.25 Printing costs 80.00 € per colour Author’s corrections 49.00 € lump sum for each further corrections Set-up costs 95.00 € lump sum for unchanged follow-up orders DEXTRO ENERGY dextrose tablets individually packed in a transparent or white flowpack. Article No. 110105150 best before approx. 18 months approx. 60 x 35 mm, 1 piece at approx. 5.75 g 1,000 pieces/carton approx. 15 working days 1 1 after artwork approval (DEXTRO) Energy for your promotion!