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The most beautiful stories start with courage. 2012. When we started to found a fashion label in a small valley, around 1000 m above sea level and in the middle of the Black Forest – everybody said we are crazy. Today our “crazy” business is known far beyond the boundaries of the Black Forest. You can find our pictures in art galleries. Our fans are getting tattoos with ARTWOOD motifs and claims, as well as wearing proudly our brand on their chest. That is our story. ART FROM THE REGION GLOSSARY All symbols – briefly explained Own fruit gum production: We offer you a wide range of certified fruit gum from own production. Fruit gum: Produced with 10 % or 25 % fruit content from fruit juice concentrate, natural aroma and colouring plant extracts. Note: Products with 30 % less sugar or sugar-free products. Express production: Please watch out for our express symbol! It assures fastest production. Veggie: Contains no ingredients derived from animals. Possible exceptions: milk, chicken egg, honey or beeswax. Vegan: Contains no ingredients derived from animals and not produced by using any animal components. Technologically, unintentional parts cannot be avoided. Please take note of our certified promotional bags made out of 99.9 % paper. Gubor Chocolate with Fairtrade Cocoa: Fairtrade cocoa may be mixed with non-certified cocoa, on a mass balance basis. Visit Compostable ”seed” symbol ” is a registered trademark of European Bioplastics e.V. in the EU.”. Durability with proper storage Format and net weight Packaging unit Outgoing shipment after indicated production time 2