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DLG Award Winner – Award of the

German Agricultural Society

Organic certification:

Seal for certified organic

products of the European Union EU-/Non-EU


IFS certified:

Certificate of the International Featured

Standards for the casting of fruit gum and chocolate

and packing of confectionery

UTZ certified:

Seal of quality for sustainable

cultivation of cocoa.

Compostable “seed” symbol

“ is a registered trademark of European Bioplastics

e.V. in the EU.”

Exclusive brands


All symbols – briefly explained

Own IFS-certified production:

We offer you a wide

range of certified products from own production.

Fruit gum:

Produced with 10 % or 25 % fruit content

from fruit juice concentrate, natural aroma and

colouring plant extracts.

Express production:

Please watch out for our

express symbol! It assures fastest production.


Contains no ingredients derived from

animals. Possible exceptions: milk, honey or beeswax.


Contains no ingredients derived from animals

and not produced by using any animal components.

Please order content separately:

To complete your

promotional item: Choose one sweet filling option

(opportunities are shown next to the articles) and add

it to your order.

German brand quality:

Unique range of brand

products “Made in Germany”.

Watch out our

Top-Seller and Novelty recommendations!

Durability with proper storage

Format and net weight

Packaging unit

Outgoing shipment after indicated

production time